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After 20 years of restoring and constructing my Opel GT is now just the way I want to have it, namely prettier and better than the original (read more about it on the pages Evolution 1 and 2).
My name is Thom van der Kroft, married, 2 children and living in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

The first time I saw an Opel GT pass by back in the late 60’s I had a wish I wanted to come true, this would be my car!!
This model with its beautiful lines and funny retractable headlights is still unique.
Even the dealer brochure I still find beautiful. However, back then as a 15 year old without a drivers permit this wish was still a long way off.

Years later, 1990 was coming to an end, an acquaintance told me one of those funny looking Opels was for sale down on his street. Needless to say I went there and bought the thing on the spot, but not after performing a minor technical check on it.

One thing was clear from the outset, it would be a long and arduous road to turn this Opel GT into the car it now is!
And as is often the case there are many roads that need to be travelled to reach the final objective and my project wasn’t any different. During the first 6 years I left the overall appearance of the car as original as I could, but I added several technical modifications. I called this phase: Evolution 1.

In order to bring this car more up to date, technically, I went even further and spent the next 7 years adapting, modifying and improving even more on the original design. Part of this phase was - amongst others - the Targa modification. This whole process is covered in Evolution 2.

I hope you will enjoy these next pages and be sure to leave a reaction in my guest book, but please keep it nice and decent.


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