Targa Evolution I 
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Targa Evolution 1

After purchasing the car in 91 it became apparent that the previous owner had given the GT a quick coat of Black paint, but the original colour - coded 446 (which stands for Citrus Yellow) - was still present on the cars interior as can be seen in the photos.

My son and I back in 91.

Optically there were already several areas of rust visible and there were numerous technical malfunctions. This left me with just one option, strip it completely, down to the last nut and bolt!! Everything was labelled, marked and stored in boxes.


The stripped body was sandblasted and all removable parts such as the doors, headlamp pods and the hood were replaced by rust free items imported from California. Several panels that were too much affected by rust were (partially) cut out of the body and fresh pieces of metal were inserted. All parts were supplied by OPEL GT PARTS (Suselbeek & Parsget).


After all the welding was done the complete body and all the extra parts were zinkplated and treated to several coats of epoxy primer. After this everything was smoothed and then the sanding began. After much more sanding the colour coats were applied and these were finished off with several clear coats to give the some extra shine.

In the spray booth

The first part is finished!!!

The whole of the interior is covered in sound deadening.

The complete wiring loom was replaced, front to back. Simultaneously all the extra wiring needed for the audio system and the motor management systems were incorporated.

The front and rear suspension units were disassembled and then the separate parts were shot blasted, zinkplated (yellow) and then covered with a 2-compound layer of paint.
The next step was the assembly of the units using all new rubbers and bearings.

The rear differential was also completely rebuilt, assembled and adjusted using new shims.

On the rear axle the standard brake drums were replaced with single (non vented) brake discs and 2-pot calipers. I opted for these because the handbrake operates via small built-in drum brakes.

At the front the original single disc brakes were replaced using vented discs and larger calipers from the BMW 3-series.

The 2.0 litre fuel injected engine originally came from a Manta B GSE, but it too was completely rebuild and supplied by VEGE. Several engine parts such as the valve cover, inlet and exhaust manifold, throttle body and sump were chrome plated.

A Getrag 5-speed gearbox, also from a Manta B GSE, replaced the original 4-speed gearbox.

The final result

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