Targa Evolution II 
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In `98 I decided to modify my GT even more by turning it into Targa with a removable roof. In Europe there are several suppliers of kits to turn your GT into a Targa and who also offer the service to modify your GT for you. I eventually decided on the German based company Lenk Opel Tuning, also due to the fact that they not only fitted the roof and all of the metal reinforcements but also arranged the necessary TUV documents and test reports needed for registration purposes.

On it’s way to the spray booth again.

As a consequence of this rebuild the GT had to be given a new coat of paint, including off course all the separate parts – removable top, doors, light pods and mirrors that were added or modified during the rebuild.


The interior received the same amount of attention during the various stages of the GT rebuild over the years. Initially the interior was White, which turned out to be very ‘contagious’, which was then changed to a Beige interior with White elements in it and in the final stage it is now completely trimmed in the finest Beige Connelly leather, off course.

A/C controle

The seat backs and door panels have a unique Opel GT logo embroidered on them, designed by the owner, which sets it apart!

A/C and audio space.


Time for a drive in the country with my daughter.
Wheels & tires

It is getting more and more difficult to get hold of a pristine set of BBS-RS1 wheels, since the production of these beautiful wheels ended years ago. The centres of my wheels are chrome plated by K-Tech (Hagen, Germany) and the aluminium rings polished to a high lustre by the same company, a work of art!
In front the car rolls on 8Jx15 inch wheels and at the back are 8,5Jx15 inch wheels. The tires are Toyo Proxess 1, 205x50R15 at the front and 225x45R15 at the back.

Engine and gearbox.

The engine in this GT has evolved considerably over the years, from a stock 1900S equipped with a Weber carburettor, to a 2.0 litre with fuel injection and finally to a fully rebuilt 2.0 litre 16 valve. In the first photos you can see how the ’91 16 valver was delivered to me together with the ‘99 Omega 5-speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch! The gearbox had to be taken apart in order to install the speedometer drive.


With the 2.0 litre 16 valve mounted in the GT on the rolling road it turned out that the head gasket had a leak so it had to be taken apart, completely.
So when it’s already apart, why not do a complete rebuilt to make sure it would last for a long time.

Engine compartment and chrome plating

While the engine was being rebuilt it was a good moment to pay some more attention to the engine compartment. Some welding was needed and in addition to that the wiring looms needed to be modified and fixed properly.
During this period several pieces found their way to the chrome plater. The valve cover is now chrome plated and the ignition wire cover plate – after meticulous taping of the lettering – is sprayed in the same colour as the GT itself.

The engine just back from a total rebuild together with the gearbox.

After the engine was completely rebuilt by Revisiebedrijf Arrows in Rijswijk it was about time to mount all of the chrome plated parts back on it and put the engine back into the GT.

Radiator and A/C pump

The radiator has been modified so that the hose connects to the side in order to create more space for the A/C pump. Down on the left a built in thermostat switch is located.

The all-new A/C installation was supplied and installed by A.C.C.BV from The Hague. Here you can see the A/C compressor.

EPS in Hoogezand specialises in custom-made stainless steel exhaust systems.

Note the shock absorbing flexible connection and the custom made extra flat transfer pipe, which allows the exhaust to run from the left side of the tunnel to the right side without loosing too much ground clearance!
Exhaust with power!


Engine Management

The major advantage of many European engine management systems is that these can be tuned or optimised which not only results in more power gained but also additional fuel efficiency.
In my Opel the complete system has been modified from the stock Bosch Motronic 2.5 to the Motronic 3.1. This change offers the added benefit of a complete pointless and movable `DIS` ignition system that, as far as I know, is completely unique!
Nederhof Car Electra based in The Hague performed the complete electronics rebuilt.
At Beek Auto Racing in Leidschendam all systems were optimised using their computer and rolling road.

At Nederhof Car Electra, the wiring loom and ECU are adapted.

And then on the rolling road at Beek Auto Racing (www.beekautoracing.nl) for some extra horsepower.
Ready to roll.

Finally after 2 years of wrenching on the engine and electronics it’s ready for its first outing!!
Power steering

In order to get a better ‘grip’ on the car with the wider wheels and tires mounted and the added extra weight of the reinforcements and all the others modifications, I decided to add power steering to it.

Clearly visible are the steering rack, pump, hoses and the specially fabricated grille.
Some more snap shots.



My daughter and son-in-law.
Did you have anything to say about my car?
Has the new season started already?

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